A lot of you seem keen to get your hands on your own sets of University Challenge-style questions, so here's a few pointers.

University Challenge's own questions are set by a team of experts, many of whom are past contestants, who do a great job a coming up with challenging and varied starters and bonuses. The quality of the questions is hugely better than it was in Paxman's early series.

There are several books with questions from the show, and the old ones can be picked up second hand for next to nothing:
The All New University Challenge Quiz Book (2015)
The University Challenge Quiz Book (2010)
University Challenge Quiz Book (2001)
University Challenge Quiz Book (1995)
Also UC producer Peter Gwyn's University Challenge: The First 40 Years, tells the history of the show, and containing anecdotes as well as 250 sets of starters and bonuses.

If you would like your own sets of UC-style questions however, then I can strongly recommend BuzzerQuiz, a society run by finalists from University Challenge that write questions for both student and non-student tournaments, such as the Cambridge and Oxford University Quiz Societies' annual inter-collegiate tournaments. They no longer have a website or even a Facebook page, but I can put you in touch with them if you want to run your own buzzer tournament, or need to buy some past question sets to practice for the TV show. Drop me a mail.