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The current series is on each Monday on BBC2 at 20:00, with a repeat on Saturday afternoons. It is be the 47th series, and is be Jeremy Paxman's 24th series, taking him past Bamber Gascoigne's total of 23 series. However, he is still quite a way behind in terms of episodes hosted; by the end of the 2016-17 series he had hosted 745 regular (student-series) shows. Even adding on the 61 Professional, 61 Christmas, 18 Reunited, and 9 Specials gives 894 shows in total, compared to Bamber Gascoigne's (approximately) 975 shows.

I've managed to track down various fixtures and results from the Bamber Gascoigne series. Click on the series number in the table below:

Bamber Gascoigne
16321/09/196226/11/1963LeicesterBalliol, Oxford61
26503/12/196326/05/1965New, Oxford62
36625/08/196508/06/1966Oriel, OxfordBirmingham42
46707/09/196603/06/1967SussexKing's, London40
56827/09/196724/07/1968KeeleJesus, Cambridge44
77020/07/196930/08/1970Churchill, CambridgeChrist's, Cambridge46
87125/10/197001/08/1971Sidney Sussex, CambridgeTrinity, Oxford40
97217/10/197123/07/1972University, OxfordKeble, Oxford41
107325/10/197205/09/1973Fitzwilliam, CambridgeGonville & Caius, Cambridge39
117431/10/197302/10/1974Trinity, CambridgeBalliol, Oxford38
127518/11/197431/10/1975Keble, OxfordHull38
137607/11/197510/12/1976?University, OxfordKing's, London42
147717/12/1976?31/10/1977DurhamNew, Oxford36
157807/11/197720/11/1978Sidney Sussex, CambridgeDundee43
178018/02/198008/12/1980Merton, OxfordQueens', Cambridge37
188115/12/198007/12/1981Queen's, BelfastEdinburgh40
198214/12/198123/01/1983St AndrewsUniversity, Oxford42
218420/01/198421/12/1984OpenSt Andrews33
228607/04/198630/05/1986Jesus, OxfordImperial, London39
238713/07/198704/09/1987Keble, OxfordUniversity, Oxford42

Do email me (if this fails then try smb1001 at gmail) if you can fill in any of the many gaps, although it is inevitable that many of the fixtures and results are now lost as Granada only has a handful of recordings from the series before 1980.


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