University Challenge results, 2001

These are the results of the series that started on 4 September 2000, ending with the final on 2 April 2001. The show was broadcast on BBC2 on Mondays at 20:00, other than a single match slotted in on Tuesday 26 September.

First round
11/09/2000Wycliffe Hall, Oxford180215Sheffield
19/09/2000Magdalene, Cambridge85335University, Oxford
25/09/2000University, London265150New, Oxford
26/09/2000Sheffield Hallam265170Bristol
02/10/2000Southampton120240Newnham, Cambridge
16/10/2000St John's, Oxford195255Birkbeck, London
23/10/2000Manchester240125Sidney Sussex, Cambridge
30/10/2000UMIST110315Balliol, Oxford
06/11/2000Queens', Cambridge170145Welsh College of Medicine
13/11/2000Cranfield80255Imperial, London
20/11/2000Warwick200150Peterhouse, Cambridge
Highest-scoring Losers
27/11/2000Wycliffe Hall, Oxford110220Bristol
04/12/2000St John's, Oxford300145Edinburgh
Second Round
11/12/2000Birkbeck, London210220University, Oxford
18/12/2000Sheffield Hallam180135Warwick
08/01/2001Queens', Cambridge145170St John's, Oxford
15/01/2001Newnham, Cambridge155200Bristol
22/01/2001York150270Balliol, Oxford
05/02/2001Durham140215Imperial, London
12/02/2001University, London105250Manchester
19/02/2001University, Oxford285160Sheffield Hallam
26/02/2001St John's, Oxford210175Bristol
05/03/2001Balliol, Oxford160210Hull
12/03/2001Imperial, London225195Manchester
19/03/2001University, Oxford105220St John's, Oxford
26/03/2001Hull145260Imperial, London
02/04/2001St John's, Oxford195250Imperial, London

The second institution to win two series in the Paxman era is thus Imperial College, London, consisting of Siegfried Hodgson (studying Computing), John Douglas (Civil Engineering), Gavin Estcourt (Computing), and Alexander Campbell (Science Communication). They received their trophy from the Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion.

Winners are given in bold, and the four highest scoring first round losers in italics. An italicised score indicates that the match was decided by a tiebreak.