University Challenge results, 2013

The 42nd series began on July 16th 2012 and ended with the final (the games prior to that consisting of "36 matches and 3080 questions") on April 29th 2013. It ran on Mondays on BBC2 at 20:00.

See also the results of the Christmas University Challenge that took place in December.

First round
16/07/2012Trinity Laban105185York
23/07/2012St George's, London175145King's, Cambridge
13/08/2012Wadham, Oxford105120Bristol
27/08/2012Queen Mary, London120150Jesus, Oxford
03/09/2012Magdalen, Oxford205125Sidney Sussex, Cambridge
10/09/2012Lincoln, Oxford175180Manchester
17/09/2012Imperial, London22580Jesus, Cambridge
24/09/2012St Andrews105125Bangor
01/10/2012Pembroke, Cambridge200140Lancaster
15/10/2012University, London26085Exeter
22/10/2012New, Oxford230145Homerton, Cambridge
Highest-scoring losers
05/11/2012Lincoln, Oxford120165Lancaster
12/11/2012Homerton, Cambridge160205King's, Cambridge
Second round
19/11/2012Pembroke, Cambridge25575Bath
26/11/2012York145215New, Oxford
03/12/2012Warwick160185King's, Cambridge
10/12/2012St George's, London230140Lancaster
07/01/2013Magdalen, Oxford90220Manchester
14/01/2013Bristol115245Imperial, London
21/01/2013University, London215180Jesus, Oxford
04/02/2013Manchester185115Imperial, London
11/02/2013University, London190125Bangor
18/02/2013Pembroke, Cambridge105195St George's, London
25/02/2013New, Oxford165125King's, Cambridge
04/03/2013Manchester150230University, London
11/03/2013Imperial, London120210Bangor
18/03/2013St George's, London110160New, Oxford
25/03/2013Pembroke, Cambridge135150King's, Cambridge
01/04/2013Manchester220135St George's, London
08/04/2013Bangor19570King's, Cambridge
15/04/2013University, London195115New, Oxford
29/04/2013University, London140190Manchester

Manchester thus became only the second institution to win the series for a fourth time and the second institution to retain their series title, records both jointly held with Magdalen College, Oxford. They were presented with the trophy by the Astronomer Royal, Professor Martin Rees. Manchester are David Brice (Economics), Adam Barr (Physics and Astrophysics), Richard Gilbert (Linguistics) and Debbie Brown (Epidemiology). Their record of four series wins is made even more remarkable by the fact that those victories have all come in the past eight years, and due in no small part by the coaching of Stephen Pearson. They also became the fifth successive series champion to have lost a match on the way to their title.

As ever, winners are in bold, highest-scoring losers in italics. Italicised scores indicate the result was decided by a tie-break.